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We support communities by unlocking access to energy and education while respecting the environment. To that end, we raise awareness of pressing issues and connect industry professionals and local leaders to to train youth and deploy clean power to empower those most in need.

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In 2017, Puerto Rico and other US Virgin Islands were hit with multiple catastrophic hurricanes leaving thousands without power. GetChargedUp has joined the efforts of many non-profits to help provide solar systems and volunteers to install them and get the power turned back on. In March 2018, our team visited the remote area of Maricao to document the installation of a solar system on a medical clinic serving over 6,000 people in the area.

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Recent graduates of the Grid Alternatives solar installer program!
GetChargedUp works closely with our non-profit partners to establish a qualified work force from the San Diego area refugee population.
These young men are now working to provide for their families in one of the fastest growing industries here in the US. If you are interested in supporting a family or training program, please donate today!

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Thousands of children across the San Diego border are affected by limited electricity and education.

GetChargedUp works with our non-profit partners to install solar energy systems on orphanages to help reduce their cost. These savings help provide the children with medicine, food, and a better quality of life.



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